Rice starch in cosmetics has been increasingly used in recent years. Let’s find out together all the applications and products in which it is used

Rice starch in cosmetics: there are more and more cosmetic products in which rice starch is present. The reason is simple: rice starch is a 100% natural product, naturally free of allergens, which can also be organic, and with great versatility, a feature that makes it suitable in the creation of many different cosmetics.

Let’s see together in which products rice starch is mostly used and what are its properties and advantages.

Rice starch in cosmetics: why is it so much in demand?

One of the characteristics that make rice starch suitable for making cosmetic products is that it is 100% natural and naturally hypoallergenic. This makes rice starch a basic ingredient, which lends itself to the composition of countless products, also suitable for a niche audience, represented by consumers with allergy problems and sensitive or reactive skin. Its soothing and calming properties makes it well tolerated by all skin types.

Furthermore, the possibility of buying organic rice starch, meaning the possession of the Organic Certification which certifies its origin from organic crops and a responsible plus sustainable production, free of potentially harmful additives, along the entire supply chain, makes it particularly suitable also for making Organic Cosmetics: demand for which has been steadily increasing in recent years.

Rice Starch properties applied to cosmetics

Hypo allergenicity is not the only property that makes rice starch suitable for Cosmetic industry. As we mentioned, it is a very versatile ingredient, which has many qualities that are sought in products for cleansing and cosmetics, making this ingredients suitable for their production.

Let’s see together what they are in a quick excursus:

  • refreshing and soothing: rice starch is able to offer relief to irritated or reddened skin, which is why it is used in the production of cosmetics for hypersensitive skin, including newborns skin;
  • absorbent and mattifying: thanks to its ability to absorb liquids and sebum without leaving the skin dry, rice starch is also widely used in the production of cosmetic powder with a mattifying function, such as face powders. Furthermore, these properties also make it an excellent anti-odour, able to fight bad smells without clogging the pores, but ensuring normal perspiration;
  • nourishing and delicate: thanks to rice proteins, rice starch nourishes the skin in a delicate way, without causing adverse reactions but penetrating the epidermis without increasing sebum production and without dehydrating it.

Cosmetic products based on Rice Starch

Rice starch, thanks to this wide range of properties, finds application and use in the production of many cosmetic products. Let’s see together which are the ones where the properties of this ingredient are most appreciated:

  • face masks: thanks to its calming and refreshing properties, rice starch lends itself perfectly to them when used as an ingredient in face masks, because it soothes reddened and irritated skin while nourishing it without greasing it.
  • deodorants: the absorbent and anti-odor properties of rice starch make it the ideal ingredient for natural deodorants, for different body parts, which respect the pH of the skin, soothe in case of burning and irritation due to depilation and help in limiting the bad smell spread.
  • bath bombs: being nutritious and refreshing, rice starch can be used for bathing, both for adults and infants, in the form of “bath bombs” or even powder and flakes to be dissolved in water for toning effect and protective.
  • dry shampoo: by gently nourishing the scalp, rice starch does not grease the hair and does not irritate the scalp, which is why it is also indicated in the preparation of normal and dry shampoos.
  • face cleanser: the delicacy of rice starch and its nourishing, emollient and absorbent properties make it suitable also in the composition of delicate face cleansers.
  • face powder: its powder formulation makes rice starch also ideal as an ingredient for powder cosmetics, such as face powder and blush, which have a smoothing and mattifying function.

Sacchetto Rice Starch for Cosmetic

Sacchetto rice starch is available in different variants, authenticated by ISO16128 certification, which guarantees its cosmetic standards and the Organic Certification.

It lends itself to being used in many sectors, including the cosmetic one, where it is used in the creation of detergents for children and powders and creams for soothing effect.

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