An increasingly popular product for the food industry, made from soft wheat sourced from selected suppliers within the European Union.

Among the wide range of products offered by Sacchetto SpA, one of the most interesting is gluten-free wheat starch. This polysaccharide retains only the carbohydrate fraction of the flour, and it differs from native starch by having a gluten content of less than 20 ppm (parts per million). It appears as a white powder, insoluble in water, with a neutral odor and taste.

But how is this product made?

Sacchetto SpA’s process for removing gluten involves both mechanical extraction of gluten and enzymatic degradation of the remaining gluten using peptidases. During this degradation, proteins are broken down into smaller pieces called peptides, making them more easily absorbable by the intestines.

The production of gluten-free wheat starch begins with the use of soft wheat from selected suppliers in the European Union. The raw material is initially milled to extract starch through a mechanical process combined with water. Gluten content is reduced below 20 ppm through a special refinement process, thus guaranteeing a safe product for celiac disease and those who are sensitive to gluten.

This gluten-free starch is used in numerous gluten-free preparations as a thickener and stabilizer. In the food industry, it is ideal for gluten-free products like cakes, biscuits, baby food, wafers, ice cream cones, pizzas, and flatbreads. Thanks to its properties, gluten-free wheat starch improves dough characteristics, enhances flavors, and extends the shelf life of finished products.

Sacchetto SpA’s gluten-free wheat starch not only meets the needs of those requiring a gluten-free diet but also offers a versatile solution for the food industry. Its functional properties make it a valuable ingredient for creating high-quality products with improved texture and extended shelf life.

In conclusion, Sacchetto SpA’s gluten-free wheat starch exemplifies how innovation and technology can transform a common ingredient into a versatile and indispensable product for the modern food industry.

Additionally, gluten-free native wheat starch is available in an organic version, like many of Sacchetto SpA’s derivatives. Sacchetto SpA offers this product in various packaging forms to meet customer needs, including bulk in tanks, 25 kg bags, and 10 kg big bags, ensuring maximum flexibility and convenience for different industrial applications.

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