What are the uses of rice starch during summer? From skin to hair care, let’s discover the properties of rice starch suitable for both children and adults


Rice starch in summer is a real cure-all for naturally cleansing skin and hair. Let’s find out all the possible applications of rice starch, its use in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products and its soothing, absorbing and calming properties.


 All Rice Starch properties and use

 Rice starch is a real ally for skin and hair beauty, but not only. Its absorbent, soothing and reassuring properties make it ideal not only in cosmetics, but in many other application, also and above all for food purposes.

Our dry Rice Starch powder is a perfect example: it is in fact successfully used by the pharmaceutical industry for capsules and tablets coating, thanks to its ability in withstanding high temperatures and acid pH, such as gastrointestinal ones. But not only.

With its thickening properties and its neutral taste, Rice Starch is an important ingredient indispensable in the preparation of many desserts, especially those intended for vegetarians and vegans.


Rice Starch during summer: cure-all suitable for all ages

In the cosmetic field, Rice Starch has always been known for its absorbing and refreshing properties.

Perhaps the best-known use is which sees it as the protagonist of creams and ointments with a soothing action, especially for diaper redness in newborns. In these cases, Rice Starch has a calming action, absorbing sweat and excess sebum and thus favoring the disappearance of irritations.

But it is not only in baby care that Rice Starch is successfully used. Thanks its excellent cleaning power, this ingredient is also used in soaps, shower gels and delicate detergents production, in the bath dedicated to particularly sensitive skin, subject to redness and / or flaking, therefore also for adults and elderly.

In summer, Rice Starch becomes really essential to cleanse and treat those areas where the skin is most subject to rubbing:

  • the areas where the newborn skin comes into contact with the baby diaper
  • the folds under breast or the inner thigh, the areas at risk of sores and all parts of the body subject to sweat and friction in adults and the elderly

In all these cases a soothing bath based on Rice Starch, returns the natural softness and elasticity to the skincalming burning, eliminating bad odors and preventing any inflammation.


Rice Starch in summer for hair care

Rice starch has sebum-balancing, calming and nourishing properties that make it suitable for hair care, especially greasy, weak and brittle ones.

Its absorbent capacity makes it ideal for combating excessive sebaceous production by the scalp and collateral phenomena related to its irritation, such as dandruff and flaking, often due to the use of aggressive products and frequent washing.

At the same time, the remineralizing properties nourish the hair deeply, repairing it, preventing split ends and making it healthier and shinier.

Rice starch can be used in these cases as the basic ingredient of delicate shampoo, which respects skin and hair pH with a normalizing, polishing, fortifying and calming effect in case of itching.


Sacchetto’s cosmetic Rice Starch

Our rice starch is manufactured respecting the highest processing standards and in the best hygienic conditions, to keep intact the characteristics of the product and ensure compliance with the EU directives currently in force regarding ingredients for cosmetics.