Organic products allow you to preserve the territory, the environment and pay more attention at personal health. Let’s discover together the advantages of organic food.


The advantages of organic productions are varied and all linked with better natural resources management, as well as final consumers health. Sacchetto SpA is committed in keeping part of its production of wheat and rice derivatives as organic, not only to satisfy even the most demanding customers, but also to contribute to a more sustainable future for both agriculture and economy.


Why choose organic products?

Organic is the new frontier of environmental protection and consumer health. Organic products, to be considered as such, must obtain the mark recognized by the European Community, which certifies compliance with numerous production standards, during all supply chain stages: from raw material cultivation to final product processing.

For this reason, the organic brand is synonymous of guaranteed control over the entire production chain and the finished product quality.


Organic Advantages

Choosing organic means respecting the environment and offering products that guarantee a better supply of essential nutrients and antioxidants, important allies for final consumers health. Therefore organic products guarantee a better nutritional and organoleptic quality, but also a sanitary quality, because they are free from antibiotics, hormones, GMOs and additives. Furthermore, the organic supply chain has a much lower rate of generated pollution: by giving up chemical pesticides, it does not disperse toxic substances into the environment, it saves on energy and water consumption. This increases not only the environmental quality, but also the social quality, because it has a positive impact on society, with a view to preserving natural resources, reducing their exploitation and supporting their renewal, when possible.


Sacchetto Organic Products

Sacchetto Organic Products are divided into two derivates: organic Wheat and Rice derivates.


Rice Derivates

As rice derivatives, Sacchetto produces Native Organic Starch. Extracted with mechanical action and use of water from organic rice grown mainly in the EU, organic rice starch is subsequently dried to keep all its characteristics intact, and used in the food industry as a thickener, for example for the production of creams and sauces, in the cosmetic industry as an sprinkler powder and in the formulation of detergents, especially for children, and in the pharmaceutical industry, in the production of capsules and tablets.


Wheat Derivates

Among the wheat derivates, Sacchetto boasts a wider offer, from starch to vital gluten to ethylic alcohol. Let’s discover the various products together.


Organic Wheat Starch

It is extracted from European Community soft wheat and dried. With a thickening and excipient function, it finds various applications both in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Organic Wheat Starch Gluten-Free

Very noble product with same characteristics of Organic Starch but with another major advantage: Gluten content lower than 20 ppm. This quality allows this product to be used in many food applications suitable for all consumers who suffer celiac disease.

Organic Wheat Gluten

Organic Gluten, as a thickener and high protein product, is used in the preparation of various foods especially vegetarian, such as seitan. Extracted from selected organic wheats from the European Community, wheat gluten is then dried at low temperatures so that it retains all its nutritional characteristics unaltered

Organic wheat ethyl alcohol.

Used in the food sector for conservation, pharmaceutical and cosmetic for disinfection, organic wheat ethyl alcohol is obtained through enzymatic transformation and subsequent fermentation of the starch extracted from organic wheat of the European Community.

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