Organic is not just a label to be placed on a product, but a deep commitment, involving the entire production chain, from the beginning to the end

When people talk about organic products, they often focus only on the origin of the raw materials. But the quality and authenticity of an organic product is the result of a much longer process, involving the entire production chain, from the beginning to the end. In this article, we tell you what it means to make a real effort to obtain quality organic products.

The best organic raw materials 

This journey begins with the selection of raw materials from certified organic cultivation, carefully chosen from the best producers in the European Union. Sacchetto SpA carefully selects high quality ingredients, respecting organic principles right from the root. This meticulous selection is the solid foundation on which our commitment to quality and sustainability is built.

Guaranteed origin and traceability

Traceability is an essential pillar of the process. Each step is carefully monitored, ensuring that the origin of the product is certified and traceable. Sacchetto SpA has also implemented advanced digitisation systems to further strengthen the accuracy and efficiency of traceability. From field to table, every step is documented and verified, giving consumers the certainty of knowing the origin of what they are consuming.

Certifications that make the difference

Controls are essential, and Sacchetto SpA undergoes rigorous audits by the CCPB, a certification authority specialised in organic and eco-friendly products. BIO/ORGANIC certification is the result of an ongoing commitment to comply with EU Regulation 2018/848, which strictly defines the system of production, processing, packaging, labelling and control in the European Union. This certification is not just a recognition, but an ongoing commitment to meet the required standards.

Certified supply chain

Sacchetto SpA believes in the value of collaboration and chooses certified and approved suppliers. This synergy is essential to meet the high standards of quality and sustainability that Sacchetto SpA has set for itself. Our supplier network shares the same passion for organic products, guaranteeing quality along the entire production chain.

Sustainable storage and transport

Logistics is also crucial in the long process of producing quality organic products. Sacchetto SpA manages both internal and external storage and transport authorised by the CCPB authorities for the management of organic products. The commitment to sustainability is also reflected in these crucial steps. Transport takes place using approved means, reducing environmental impact and maintaining the integrity of organic products during the journey.

Sacchetto SpA firmly believes that organic is not just a label to put on a product. Rather, it is a deep commitment, a journey into quality that embraces and unites ethics, sustainability and transparency at every stage. With Sacchetto SpA, purchasing organic products becomes a conscious and responsible act that guarantees authenticity and respect for the environment and the consumer, always.

A promise of quality for a sustainable and healthy future.

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