For over 70 years, the company has been producing alcohols, starches and proteins derivatives from rice and wheat that are used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries, with a keen eye for quality and sustainability.

In over 70 years of history, Sacchetto SpA has become an important player in the rice and wheat derivatives sector. Founded in 1946 from the project of the visionary entrepreneur Santino Sacchetto, who launched the production of fruit preserves and jellies, the company has been able to innovate and grow, adapting to the needs of an ever-changing market, becoming an example of excellence in the Italian industrial field.  

For three generations Sacchetto SpA has been transforming wheat and rice into a wide range of high quality products, which are essential for many industries: from food to pharmaceuticals, from cosmetics to paper and animal feed industries.

Each product shows the company’s commitment to quality and innovation, with an eye on the tradition that has always characterised the way the company operates. Throughout this time, the company has achieved important goals, such as starting organic production in 1987 and becoming a joint-stock company in 2004. A recent expansion of the production facility demonstrates the company’s never-ending commitment to innovation and excellence.

The products and their fields of applications

Sacchetto products such as rice starch and wheat starch, which are also available in organic versions, are used in a wide range of applications. In the food industry, their thickening and stabilising properties are ideal for the production of liqueurs, baked goods and foods for vegetarian and vegan consumers. In the pharmaceutical sector, Sacchetto starches are used to make capsules and tablets, and in the cosmetics sector they contribute to the production of bath foams, soaps, creams and mild skin cleansers. The binding efficacy and the stability of these wheat starches also make them valuable in the technical and paper industry, for the production of glue and paper, but also as a natural additive for pulping in the paper mill. Animal feed also benefits from Sacchetto quality: wheat and rice derivatives provide high energy and nutritional value for cattle, pigs, sheep and domestic animals foods.

Organic derivatives

Sacchetto SpA’s derivatives also include a wide range of organic products, which are the result of the company’s commitment to eco-sustainability and respect for the environment. Wheat starch, also gluten-free, neutral wheat ethyl alcohol, rice starch and vital wheat gluten are also available in organic versions, to produce ingredients that meet the needs of an ever-changing market.

Relying on organic products and Made in Italy is not only a choice of quality, but a commitment to sustainability: in fact, thanks to local organic products the supply chain is shortened, transport costs are reduced, and at the same time more sustainable practices are promoted for a better future for all.

Commitment and values

As can be seen, at the heart of Sacchetto SpA’s values stands a deep respect for the environment: a respect that is reflected in a daily commitment to prevent pollution and safeguard the Planet. These principles are not just slogans, but are put into practice every day through sustainable practices and constant improvement of the environmental performance. 

The quality and safety of the processes and products are also guaranteed by strict certifications, which prove the high standards achieved by the company. These values, combined with scrupulous attention to energy efficiency, worker safety and the selection of raw materials, allow Sacchetto SpA to offer the market top quality solutions, with an eye always focused on the future and on responsible innovation.

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